Podargidae – The frogmouths


Ah yes, that blog I was going to write every week! Whoops. Slightly late but I’ll be trying to catch up with four this week! We’ll see how it goes. Apologies for the delay, chaps!

This family contains, as the title suggests, the frogmouths! An odd little group of birds who, as their name suggests, have overly wide beaks for their heads. Split into three genera, the family consists of 14 species, restricted to Australasia, tropical south-east Asia and the Solomon Islands (therefore unlikely to turn up at your local RSPB reserve).

Frogmouth chicks earn money in their spare time acting as falling snow in major Hollywood blockbusters.

Going in alphabetical order, the first genera is the poetically named Podargus (try saying that six times in a row quickly), consisting of three species: the tawny, marbled and Papuan

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Emberizidae – The Buntings


Emberizidae – A family in Brief

Snugly nested within the order Passeriformes, the Emberizidae are an enigmatic and colourful family that encompass (as the title suggests) the buntings, as well as the American Sparrows, Juncos and the amusingly named Towhee. These small birds are primarily granivorous, though will happily supplement their diets with invertebrate life, especially during… Continue reading Emberizidae – The Buntings

New Year taxonomy challenge

So I’ve had this blog for a fair while now, and have done precisely nothing with it. As it’s a new year, time for a change!

I’ve always been interested in taxonomy, and if  you know me in any capacity, in ornithology. In an effort to get the blog based gears turning, I’m going to randomly picking a family from a list of 245 different bird families, and writing on one of them each week. This will hopefully not only get me into the habit of blogging, but prove to be interesting as many of said families are very obscure and should therefore prove to be educational.

Right, time to get started!


Source for image: http://jamie-macarthur.deviantart.com/art/Couldn-t-hold-it-in-any-longer-Crezchmar-s-Bunting-345125462 

The first, and possibly most important blog post I will do.

This is not what I intended for my first ever blog post, but it’s more important than what I was working on.

As we speak, round 5000 square kilometres of Indonesia is on fire, being burned as part of the yearly event. With the current Paris talks on climate change, I would have assumed that this would be top news. It’s certainly the LARGEST ecological disaster of this century so far, and yet there has not been a single article in the main stream media covering it. Instead we have Donald Trump, sausage causing cancer and Benedict Cumberbatch. For me, this is a no-brainer. HOW is this being ignored, when the third most populated country on the planet is covered in smog from the second most bio-diverse region of the planet? This would make a fantastic news story, and yet it’s selectively being cut out from the news, and I don’t know why.

I can’t do much from my small sphere of influence here in Reading, but I’ve made a petition, and I would love it if people signed it. If enough people sign this, read this or take notice of this, then maybe we can get the media covering it as well.

Thanks for reading, perhaps we can change something for once.